Nude Cave Tour Experience

Nude Cave Tour Experience

from 210.00

Year Round - Northern Tasmania

Add something unique to the bucket list with this private and unique experience. Bare all in a cave!

At 11°C year round, it may sound cool, but you'll soon be enjoying the all natural experience of one of Tasmania's, let alone Australia's most diverse caves. Multiple cave formations, glow worms and flowing water year round ensure you will learn something new. Your experienced guide will tell the stories of how the cave was formed and found, it's features and future. 

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• Additional conditions of the tour provider may apply
• Bookings with at least 14 days notice - we need to ensure your guide is available for these private bookings
• Available year round any day of the week
• Sessions are available from 5:30 pm - after the general tours have completed
• Belongings are able to be left in a secured office
• No responsibility if your belongings go missing or are damaged - if you're lucky you may borrow a towel to get home :D
• If you shouldn't do it clothed, don't do it nude
• While cameras are allowed, please ensure you have the consent of all subjects.


$210 for 1-6 person(s). $35 for every additional person. (Payment equivalent to six persons required for tour to go ahead. Minimum total cost $210)

Advance bookings are essential for us to organise this private and unique experience for you. We need all places paid in full, so we can confirm you're serious before confirming your booking.

What's Included

Approximately 45-minute interpretive guided tour of the cave.

There's a steep flight of 54 concrete steps to descend at the start, after which the pathway is fairly level apart from a short ladder to be climbed down. The tour route through the caves is 275 metres long.

Occasional dampness underfoot is not troublesome provided visitors wear low-heeled walking shoes. Tour not recommended for those with health or mobility concerns.

Cancellation Policy

We have a seven (7) days cancellation policy. Any cancellations that occur seven (7) days or more before the scheduled time are able to be re-booked or refunded at no additional cost.

Any cancellations that occur within the seven (7) day period or who fail to present for their designated tour (and have not contacted us to cancel their appointment), will result in the paid fees being forfeit.