Why I'm Skydiving Naked To Raise Money For Male Body Image Issues | Young Naturists America

[...] What happened to me was sad – but I’m still alive and heck I’m still young (about to turn 30) and I can do whatever I want with the life I have flowing through my blood and the healing I choose to have in it. I have my mind, my emotions and my body.

I’m reclaiming my body and reclaiming who I am, and getting nude is helping me do that. It’s my turn to live. My body is my space.

On August 27, my 30th birthday, I’m going to skydive naked playing my violin at 15,000 feet So what am I doing on my 30th Birthday on Aug 27th, 2017?

I’m going to celebrate myself, for once. I’m going to tell my story and stop being ashamed of my body shame. I’m going to RAISE MONEY for this issue in men and boys, because I am one of them myself.

I’m going to jump out of that airplane nude, and skydive playing my violin at 15,000 feet. A birthday dive in my birthday suit. And I want you to help me raise $15,000. [...]

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