Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Naturist | VICE

Being naked might be the most natural thing in the world, but it's also one of the most awkward. For most humans, to be completely comfortable around other people without any clothes on—pasty, flabby, and all—takes an inner strength, a confidence, a devil-may-care attitude that will honestly get you anywhere in this world.

One group of people who have plenty of that kind of confidence are naturists, or nudists. Both terms (even though "nudism" refers more the act of being naked and "naturism" more to the lifestyle) come down to the same thing—hanging out bare-assed with a group of people whose asses are also bare.

Source: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gybawm/ten-questions-you-always-wanted-to-ask-a-naturist