Let Them Dress Wacky – No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog

I used to look at kids in mismatched clothing and think: my kids will not dress like that. But then, my kids started dressing themselves. One day, when Norah was six (she’s 8 now), she came out in a mixed up outfit that included jeans, shorts, a kilt, clashing colors, flip-flops, and a tiara. She was so proud of her outfit, and I was faced with the choice to support her exploration or squash her independence and make her change outfits. [...]

My daughter leaving the house dressed as a mermaid princess ready to fight in the zombie apocalypse is a little embarrassing for me, sure, but it isn’t as important as ownership. Because the reality is, they are the owners of their bodies. I love and deeply respect my daughters and it is not my job to define their interests and fashion choices unless they are harmful to themselves or others.

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