How (and why) to take a nude selfie | Welcome to Lexiland

‘Keep your privates private’ my mother was fond of saying. Still is, come to think of it.

That little phrase was the crux of her sex education to me, her only daughter. It came from a post-war generation, from a culture where women’s sexuality was still owned by their parents, husbands and the patriarchal society in general. It just about held sway for a ‘60’s baby like me.

It seems totally irrelevant now.

How soon after the first camera phone went on sale do you think the first dick pic was sent? I’m betting it was a matter of hours. And although selfies are now a bona-fida art form (see my review of the Selfie exhibition at the Saatchi gallery here) won’t our obsession with selfies, both clothed and nude, been seen by future social historians as a kind of mass insanity characterising the cultural fragmentation of the early 21st century?