Nude Vacations: Reasons I Take Them and Love Them | JetSet

Confession: It doesn’t take much to get me naked, especially when there’s sun, beach, and surf involved.

In fact, I’ve been stripping down in public settings for a long time — first as a nude model in college, then at a slew of hippie-dippy, clothing-optional resorts on the West Coast for the past decade or so.

Indeed, given the choice, I prefer getaways that offer an au natural option. For me, baring it all (or nearly all, depending upon resort policy) is pretty liberating.

More than likely, you're thinking this kind of scenario might be for me, but it is so not for you. But before you dismiss the so-called nacation (that's nude vacation), hear me out.Here are six reasons why you should give it a try... at least once.