Guide On How NOT To Be A Nudist Creep | Young Naturists America

Nudism Behavior Etiquette – Last year, I published a blog about gender and harassment issues in naturism. As a continuation of this topic, I thought we should delve further into nudist behavioral guidelines and how not to be “creepy” in naturist or social nude settings.

Can We Define “Creepy”?

What does it mean to be “creepy”? There has actually been very little scientific research into this question. But last year a new study was published by researchers at Knox College called “On the nature of creepiness.” They looked into this topic by conducting an international survey of 1,341 people.

The researchers posit that creepiness is not the presence of danger, but rather the ambiguity of whether there is a present danger or not. They describe being “creeped out” as an unpleasant feeling where you’re frozen in a state of uncertainty. They also suggest that humans have evolved to be able to detect whether a person or place is creepy in order to avoid threats to one’s safety.


With defining creepy behaviors, a lot of it is about reading social cues. Naturally, some of us are better at this than others. I do think “creepy” people can change and correct their own behavior! Or, at the very least, be more aware of what they are doing and how their behavior may affect others.

Despite the nebulous concept of creepiness, there are some basic rules and guidelines that everyone can follow in a naturist environment that will help ensure no one is made to feel uncomfortable.