Editorial Policy

The Body Accepted team works tirelessly to present our community with the ultimate list of body accepting places to visit, experience, shop and share in Australia and around the world, and we take this responsibility very seriously. 

As we grow, more and more businesses are keen to work with Body Accepted, to share their business or brand with our discerning audience, and encourage our community give them a try.

How it works:

  • We start by curating our business directory. Our editors decide which businesses are the right fit for Body Accepted and businesses are included because we love them! You cannot buy a spot on the list.
  • We only work with like-minded businesses that we are happy to shout from the rooftops, so you can trust our recommendations. Because we're proud of all of our Body Accepted partners, we'll always let you know when we are including content from one of our sponsors.
  • We only share content that we are confident our community will enjoy, and take care to ensure it’s both relevant and contributes to their lives.
  • Businesses work with us so that they can cut through the increasingly saturated and competitive digital landscape. They want to connect in a way that’s meaningful, authentic, and positive.
  • The aim of the game is to introduce you to a new place or product you’ll love!

If you have any questions about our editorial policy or would like information on how to build your business with Body Accepted, please contact us