The Undressed Yard: Design the Ideal Naturist Space

Have you ever thought about the perfect backyard to be able to enjoy as bare as you dare? A space that is your own to sunbathe, recreate and learn to accept your body even more? We're looking for your ideas, but first a little update on where we've been!

It may have been a bit quiet lately on our website, but that doesn't mean we've disappeared.

We're still sharing the latest Bare news from around the web through our Facebook page and posting the occasional picture to our Instagram. After the site had its first birthday back in May, we've reconsidered the focus of the site and have made good progress on a redesign that will launch in time for the warmer Australian weather.

Personally, I have had work changes and have been starting my own business. This has taken my time away from this site, but I hope to align work and passion more with the redesign of Body Accepted. We've also moved to downsize, which presents the topic of today's post. Ideas for a nude friendly backyard.

When considering a naturist's personal retreat, what are the things you would like?

Our new yard is narrow and L shaped, space is at a premium. We also have a greenfield space to work with, so the possibilities are endless.

IMG_20180726_113859 - Copy.jpg

This area will be cleared. The far end with colorbond fencing is to be concreted for car parking. This whole area is north facing, so gets all day sun in summer! (Yes, it's the land down-under for our confused northern-hemisphere friends!)

Considerations for this space:

  • Budget-friendly: Little outlay needed. Second-hand, reclaimed items and a little DIY.
  • Family-friendly: Needs to fit an existing swing set and sandpit. Additional obstacle play could be designed into space.
  • Dog-friendly: Needs a space for a small dog to "do its business".
  • Naturist-friendly: Variety of open and shaded places to bare all and enjoy the sun, grass and maybe some water.
  • Neighbour-friendly: Needs to ensure neighbours don't cop an eyeful!
IMG_20180726_114102 - Copy.jpg

The other area is a paved courtyard on the east side. Excuse the mess, as I said space is at a premium and we're still unpacking!

IMG_20180726_113956 - Copy.jpg

We'll need some sort of screening for the far corner where the two spaces join. The bamboo screening could also do with some improvement, as it's not that private when looking straight on or coming down the ramp to the left.

Ideas we have had so far:

  • A climbing wall that doubles as a screen. 
  • A second-hand spa for outdoor dips. Ideally, we'd love a hot tub, but they are $$$.
  • Covering the courtyard area somehow to create an outdoor room. Living in a temperate climate, we have more cool, windy days a year than hot.

What other ideas do you have for our space?
What would you put in your own personal Paradise?
Know of someone with experience in landscape design who would like to showcase their work with this project?

If you have ideas, comments, pictures of your own work or want to offer your skills, put them in the comments or send them through.

If you want to help contribute to making this makeover and Body Accepted better, we accept your donation with our thanks. (And if anyone donates a new hot tub or the money to buy one, you're welcome to be our guest for a dip at the completion of the project!)