The (not so) Bare Essentials for Nude Camping Interstate on a Budget: Part 2

Here's a follow up to part one of the Bare Essentials for Nude Camping Interstate on a Budget. If you value your sleep and don't want an interrupted rest, here's three more optional extras you may want to consider adding to the list.


Whether it be noisy neighbours, generators, wildlife, mosquito's, early morning birds, your partner's snoring or even your own snoring nothing is better for the light sleeper than a pair of soft earplugs.

Car Shade

If you're in a climate where nudity is comfortable, then it's more than likely comfortable for the mosquitoes. While the earplugs may stop the noise, you'll be faced with either a choice of being cooked alive in your car with the windows up or being eaten alive with the windows down. A simple car shade that wraps over the window frame will allow an open window for ventilation, whilst keeping the bugs out.

Eye Mask

Unless your preference is early to bed, early to rise, there are a few options to block out the early morning sun streaming in through your car windows. Especially important in those non-daylight saving states. While garbage bags and duct tape may work, take the problem to the source with a comfortable fitting eye mask. If you have trouble falling asleep with it on, simply leave it sitting within reach for a dozy dawn placement and you'll be back to sleep in no time.

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