The Bare Essentials for Nude Camping Interstate on a Budget: Part 1

You may think that nude camping wouldn't require much planning. After all, clothes are the majority of the packing right? Before you jump on a plane and head off on a spontaneous nude camping trip, here's a few things I had to consider that may be useful to know.

While travelling through South-West Western Australia, I planned my return trip home via Brisbane to spend a weekend hanging with my Young Nudists of Australia peeps for the annual BodyColour event. This posed a dilemma. I was on the other side of the country away from home and had not packed any camping gear. All I had packed were clothes... clearly, these weren't going to be much use to me on a nakation!

Pacific Sun Friends were to be the venue for the event. While there are plenty of facilities and activities to enjoy, they do not have hireable accommodation, providing only camping sites. I needed someplace to sleep and with a minimal budget, I couldn't splash out on a camper, as these were proving to be two to three times more expensive than a hire car.

The solution came the week before I was due to depart when I visited Margaret River, one of the most beautiful wine regions in the country. I had stayed in Margaret River years before and remembered I had camped in the back of my car, I was a little older now and needed more comfort than a thin camp mat, but nothing I couldn't overcome to do the same in Brisbane!

My list was formed:

  • Camp Mattress (air for comfort, not foam mat)
  • Sleeping Bag/Blanket
  • Camp Pillow
  • Travel Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant (on advice from the locals)

I easily picked up the last two items at the supermarket before departure. After hiring an SUV for pickup at the airport with enough room in the back to camp, I needed to get my camping gear. Problem was, I was in rural WA and cheap camping goods were difficult to come by. The solution came with Kmart online, who had everything I needed for under $40. I even picked up a hand pump to ensure the air mattress would be a quick fix so I could set up quickly and enjoy my nude recharge time. Even better, with Click & Collect, I could easily pre-order my gear and have it guaranteed ready for quick pick up in Brisbane when I arrived!

With lunch and dinner being catered for by the event, I only needed to pick up some water, drinks and non-perishable breakfast and snack supplies from the supermarket next to Kmart and I was ready for a fun weekend!

There may also be a few extra items you may want to pick up in our follow up post: The (not so) Bare Essentials for Nude Camping Interstate on a Budget: Part 2

What are your essentials for a nude camping trip? Leave your comments below or join the discussion on social media.