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Why I am a Young, Body Acceptance Advocate and Not a Nudist!

I am in the younger generation that is so often spoken about by older nudists; that we are to be sought to maintain club numbers and the existence of a clothes-free lifestyle. I discovered clothes-freedom when I was 15. Sitting outside with my mother and brother on a hot summer’s evening...

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Naked in Nature with a Friend (Part 1)

I had considered what the best way would be to ask the question so Daisy wouldn't feel pressured or obligated, "You can totally say no to this, but would you mind getting a 'naked in nature' photo of me from the tunnel?"

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Hike Naked Day - Sounds Like a Great Start to Summer Holidays!

Unless your employer enjoys reenacting Ebenezer Scrooge, for many, knocking off early is one of the perks of the last working day before Christmas. This leaves no excuse for those of us in the southern hemisphere to head off and celebrate the Summer Solstice on Friday, December 22 with Hike Naked Day. What better way to get into the Christmas and summer holiday spirit, start those new year's resolutions on being more body positive and connect with your spiritual self! 

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