Naked in Nature with a Friend (Part 1)

We concern ourselves so much with our fears of what people will think of us, that we are robbing ourselves of a potentially greater opportunity to see our own light reflected in their eyes. One such opportunity presented itself and the outcome was awesome.

On a sunny winter's day, my friend Daisy and I found ourselves with some time free to check out the Spray Tunnel. This 100-metre long abandoned train tunnel leads to what was the Spray Silver Mine. As we drove the single-lane road, found through the golf course at Zeehan in Tasmania's Western Wilderness, a lone car pulled over to the side of the road and let us pass into the empty car park.

My mind started considering the possibilities; I had seen others had taken "naked in nature" photos here in the past, we were alone, the tunnel was a one-way return trip and we were unlikely to meet anyone. Walking through the tunnel, I was nervous about broaching the possibility of taking the photo. I had "come out" to Daisy as a body-positive naturist some months before; after she had put the pieces together about my participation in the Sydney Skinny. This revelation was met with an acceptance that only seemed to strengthen our friendship. However, would she still be as accepting, seeing me in the flesh... so to speak?

We arrived at the other end of the tunnel to a patch of streaming sunlight. Daisy stood in it, taking in the warm rays. We both enjoyed the quiet of nature after a busy, noisy morning. I mentioned the quietness and Daisy joked the quiet was nice - as long as I wasn't planning on murdering her and leaving her in the forest! She then mentioned that it was wonderful we had taken time out to live in the moment - that was the push I needed to live in my moment.

On our walk through the tunnel, I had considered what the best way would be to ask the question so Daisy wouldn't feel pressured or obligated, "You can totally say no to this, but would you mind getting a 'naked in nature' photo of me from the tunnel?" I pointed to a picnic table just off to the side of the walkway, "I can undress here out of view and simply step out back on so you can grab the photo." Daisy laughed, "I would be honoured to do that for you!" Relief filled my heart.

I quickly removed my clothes and stepped out into view, I don't remember hearing any reaction from Daisy, so I stood there enjoying the freedom of the sun and chill air on my skin. After a few shots, Daisy said, "You need to move back a bit." "Are you sure you want me to do that?" came my reply, before I took a few backwards steps, almost slipped on the wet boardwalk and gracefully recovered for a few more photos.

Almost slipping as I walked backwards

I went back to my clothes and started dressing. I had expected Daisy to wait, however, seemingly no longer concerned with my nudity, she casually strolled back up to me. "I hope they turned out okay," she said with a smile. "You poor thing, hurry up and get warm!" she exclaimed as she saw me shivering, more from adrenaline than cold.

As we walked back to the car, I was overwhelmed with affection; for the openness, the willingness to accept and the purity of our friendship. "You're awesome Dais', may I give you a hug?" and we did.

A couple of days later I received the following chat from Daisy, a picture of a nude in the snow.

"This is next level," was her comment. "Find us some snow and you know I'm in," I replied. Her reply came back quick as a flash, "LOL done." 

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