My First Time Taking Naked Photos (Part 2)

By guest contributor, Daisy.

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When Luke had so nervously asked if I'd mind taking a "naked in nature" photo of him, my first thought, (accompanied by the stupidest nervous girlish/bashful giggle I couldn't have ever imagined coming from me), was "compared to getting murdered, this is easy!" He 100% caught me off guard with that one.


In all honesty, I was more than happy to do something as 'simple' as this for him. (I say simple, but being freezing cold and vulnerable like that is actually not simple at all.)

My second thought was, "I hope his beautiful wife won't kill me, because I really like her, she is really cool, and I want to hear more about her adventures, which kind of requires being allowed to visit again!!!"

When I said something along the lines of ... "Of course! I don't mind, what am I going to do?! I'm not going to show and tell anybody." Luke's reply (probably jokingly out nerves, to be honest), "Oh you know, sexual harassment claims, indecent exposure or something." I was instantly and surprisingly out of nowhere, offended and hurt.

Apart from not being that type of person, I was hurt by the fleeting feeling that Luke would even consider that I would use his vulnerability to hurt him. I could see the joking side to his remarks and pushed it aside. It's odd how you don't realise how much you care about and respect a person until they say something blasé and you think, "Ouch, how could you think that about me…. 🙁".

As Luke undressed, I walked into the Spray Tunnel, trying to figure out lighting and the best spot - closer to the entrance or from further within? Scoping out all those little details to make sure he would be happy with the finished product.

What was even more refreshing, was there was this situation, with absolutely nothing sexual about it, (no offence intended, I'm sure his wife finds him very attractive) that was simply enjoying a moment out of our busy and often stressful days, to be at one with nature and comfortable in your own skin. It made me reflect on how brave he was and how I've been made to feel either not good enough in my own body, or overly-sexualised, but never with a real appreciation of me just being.

I think I told Luke afterwards, when he was in his undies and I was berating him for not getting warm fast enough, I found it so inspirational what he was doing because we're not raised to love ourselves. In hindsight I probably should have let him get dressed then chatted to him, I was just so comfortable I didn't even think anything of it!

Luke is the most incredible friend I could ever hope for, and I'm so proud of him and his confidence. While I'm not "ballsy" enough to do it, I'm pretty proud of all his values, his passions and his ability to embrace something he believes in so wholeheartedly. On the car trip back, we discussed the [Body Accepted] initiative and nothing was different. It is refreshing to be so open with another person and it was an absolute honour.

I can't wait for the snow trip 😉

Moments before slipping on the wet boardwalk

Moments before slipping on the wet boardwalk

Favourite part of the day: When Luke slipped, he couldn't move his hands and I was trying to be all professional (to help him get a good photo with good light and position) but just couldn't stop laughing. Somebody slipping, clothed or not, is always a little funny 😛

P.S.- In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have been so quiet, I can see how that would have freaked him out. Was just focussing 😀