Hike Naked Day - Sounds Like a Great Start to Summer Holidays!

Unless your employer enjoys reenacting Ebenezer Scrooge, for many, knocking off early is one of the perks of the last working day before Christmas. This leaves no excuse for those of us in the southern hemisphere to head off and celebrate the Summer Solstice on Friday, December 22 with Hike Naked Day. What better way to get into the Christmas and summer holiday spirit, start those new year's resolutions on being more body positive and connect with your spiritual self!  

Being non-religious, the consideration I even had the capability to be spiritual was a foreign concept; that was until I spent time naked in nature. There is something calming and rejuvenating about simply being nude on a log, grass, soil or riverbed. I later learned about "earthing therapy", grounding your body to the earth around you, allowing your electrical charge to balance with nature. The Japanese expand on this and call it "shinrin-yoku" - forest bathing, where factors such as breathing in forest air, bacteria and being exposed to sunlight all contribute to health. All I can say is I always feel better after my nature bath!

If you can't make Hike Naked Day, on your next free warm day, go for a hike in nature and find a quiet spot to stop, strip and reflect. I did just that at Myrtle Benn Flora & Fauna Sanctuary in the Great Southern region of Australia's South West. A beautiful reserve, which has some relatively easy short walks that are full of colourful wildflowers every year from winter up to late spring.

If you are looking for others to share the naked hiking experience with, check out Get Naked Australia and Young Nudists of Australia. If you do happen to take our advice, be sure to tag any pics with #hikenakedday or #nakedinnature.