Family First Time at a Nudist Resort - The Expectation

Holidays with my wife have always been about compromise - she wants to fit as much as possible into the time, while I'm more about taking time out and relaxing. For me, the purest relaxation comes from nude recreation. However, a naturist holiday has not been something that we’ve been able to compromise on… until now.

Since we met I’ve had to travel alone to nude events - she was adamant when we met that nude recreation did not interest her in the slightest! Even me being nude in the house was cause for her embarrassment. Over time, our respective comfort has adjusted and my wife is now more surprised to see me clothed at home and incidental nudity amongst our family is no big deal (see Violence or nudity? Questioning Parenting Priorities)

Over the years we had discussions, often ending in arguments, about my enjoyment of nude recreation and my desire to be able to share that joy with my family. During one of these discussions, I expressed my observation that many couples seemed to come to accept nudism later in life and that I feared we too may miss out on years of opportunity due to her fearing even trying it once. Finally, we had an understanding, and my wife agreed that she would try it - once. A number of potential opportunities came up in the following years, but I was patient in wanting to provide the best first-time experience possible. Sunland Holiday Village had always seemed the ideal first-time place. On meeting Wendy, the manager of Sunland, at the Maslin Nude Games, I was reassured that it was the right choice.

Image courtesy of  Sunland Holiday Village

Image courtesy of Sunland Holiday Village

The time has come for that opportunity and next month we will be taking a road trip through the Great Ocean Road region to Sunland. We have agreed to two nights and she is adamant that we will be keeping to ourselves and not “exposing” our son to other nude people. So again these holidays will be about compromise; and I’m happy with that, as I will finally be relaxing as the truest and barest me I can be… with my family. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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