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My First Time Taking Naked Photos (Part 2)

When Luke had so nervously asked if I'd mind taking a "naked in nature" photo of him, my first thought, (accompanied by the stupidest nervous girlish/bashful giggle I couldn't have ever imagined coming from me), was "compared to getting murdered, this is easy!"

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Family First Time at a Nudist Resort - The Expectation

Holidays with my wife have always been about compromise - she wants to fit as much as possible into the time, while I'm more about taking time out and relaxing. For me, the purest relaxation comes from nude recreation. However, a naturist holiday has not been something that we’ve been able to compromise on… until now.

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Why I am a Young, Body Acceptance Advocate and Not a Nudist!

I am in the younger generation that is so often spoken about by older nudists; that we are to be sought to maintain club numbers and the existence of a clothes-free lifestyle. I discovered clothes-freedom when I was 15. Sitting outside with my mother and brother on a hot summer’s evening...

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