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My First Time Taking Naked Photos (Part 2)

When Luke had so nervously asked if I'd mind taking a "naked in nature" photo of him, my first thought, (accompanied by the stupidest nervous girlish/bashful giggle I couldn't have ever imagined coming from me), was "compared to getting murdered, this is easy!"

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Family First Time at a Nudist Resort - The Expectation

Holidays with my wife have always been about compromise - she wants to fit as much as possible into the time, while I'm more about taking time out and relaxing. For me, the purest relaxation comes from nude recreation. However, a naturist holiday has not been something that we’ve been able to compromise on… until now.

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Naked in Nature with a Friend (Part 1)

I had considered what the best way would be to ask the question so Daisy wouldn't feel pressured or obligated, "You can totally say no to this, but would you mind getting a 'naked in nature' photo of me from the tunnel?"

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